We make cosmetic concerns disappear! The “magic” behind dental veneersWe make cosmetic concerns disappear!

Veneers are a great fit and complement the array of procedures available at the office of Orion Dental Specialties in Cypress, Texas. Our dentists, Drs. Melanie and Farnam Farzam strive to provide the dentistry services you or a family member will ever need at any stage of life. These services bring out your smile’s best health, functionality, and beauty. 

We also appreciate how the beauty of the smile plays an important role in your overall wellbeing. When chips, gaps, and other cosmetic imperfections are treated with veneers, our patients walk a little taller. They smile proudly, and talk and laugh freely and with confidence. 

How veneers make imperfections disappear!

Veneers are made from thin layers of dental materials, such as ceramics like porcelain. Dental porcelain is often coveted because it mimics the aesthetics of natural enamel. It is also highly biocompatible and “gets along well” (or compatibly) with surrounding biological tissues. This makes it a particularly attractive option for patients who may have increased sensitivities or allergies to metals or may be concerned about the potential risk of adverse reactions to metals. Of course, since veneers are applied to the front surfaces of visible teeth in your “smile zone,” it is essential that the materials used to make them look indistinguishable from natural tooth structure. Porcelain achieves this discreet look because it reflects light and has the same translucence as tooth enamel. Additionally, it resists stains very well. 

The process of applying each veneer is light touch and relatively straightforward. Our dentists remove a very small amount of enamel to ensure that the veneer properly fits on top of the tooth. Typically, no more than half of a millimeter of enamel is lifted from the tooth, which is about the thickness of a contact lens or eggshell. Due to this conservative approach, modern veneer treatment is largely comfortable and safe and requires no downtime and minimal risks of complications or undesirable side effects. After the permanent veneers have been made, we can then expertly secure or cement them to the prepared teeth. In turn, we make cosmetic concerns ranging from a poorly shaped or sized tooth to a chipped, cracked, or gapped tooth disappear by covering up these and other flaws! The entire process can be completed in just two visits to our office in Cypress, TX. To find out more about what to expect from veneers, schedule a consultation at Orion Dental Specialties. Call us at (832) 906-8313 today.



Veneers are thin handcrafted porcelain shields worn on the front of the tooth which improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained or worn. Veneers are thin as contact lenses, and are an aesthetically pleasing option of closing gaps, lengthening teeth, and providing symmetry to make your smile more natural. Veneers are intended to last for many years without changing color. They are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in dentistry. Ask your dentist if veneers may be right for you.