We stop tooth decay in its tracks to restore the beauty and health of your smile with metal-free fillings

What is the most common disease in the world, except the common cold? If you guessed tooth decay, you would be right! It’s estimated nine of every ten Americans will get at least one cavity by the time they turn 60. While incredibly common, cavities and decay are also highly preventable. Drs. Melanie and Farnam Farzam and our team at Orion Dental Specialties partner with individuals and their families from across the Cypress, Texas, area to stop cavities before they start. And, as needed, we promptly treat cavities with tooth-colored fillings before they grow larger and require more intensive and aggressive restorative treatments. 

Fillings – a conservative approach to treating decay

Tooth decay is a process. What starts as erosion affecting the outermost tooth enamel then marches on to become small cavities or holes that, untreated, grow increasingly larger. Eventually, decay works its way to the dental pulp, threatening the tooth’s structural integrity. If decay is sufficiently severe or destructive, the only option may be to extract the tooth and effectively “start over” with a prosthetic such as a bridge or crown supported by a dental implant. Of course, this route is not the most affordable or least traumatic option. 

With a dental filling, Drs. Farzam can stop decay in its tracks and prevent it from causing further or more extensive damage. This type of restoration generally treats smaller cavities or earlier-stage decay by “filling in” the holes that represent eroded tooth structure. In turn, the tooth’s structural integrity and appealing appearance are restored. 

“White” or “tooth-colored” fillings are generally attractive because they mimic the appearance of natural enamel. There is no silver-colored or dark-hued filling sticking out oddly when you smile! Plus, our patients appreciate that metal-free fillings made from ceramics or resin are very safe and biocompatible. They also mimic the functionality of natural teeth. They are highly compatible and non-irritating to surrounding tissues. Plus, our dentists can apply them conservatively. This means very little natural structure is altered when placing the filling. 

The process can be accomplished in a few steps: 

  • Any damaged tissue is removed
  • Materials like dental composite are applied in layers
  • As each layer is applied, it is hardened with a curing light
  • Once any adjustments are made, the filling is fully secured

All of this is done to a tooth that has been numbed. So, you will not feel a thing during treatment! We encourage you to contact us if you are due for a dental check-up. With early care at our office in Cypress, TX, you can avoid fillings and other treatments. Call Orion Dental Specialties today at (832) 906-8313.