Oral care for teens… A guide to keeping smiles healthy and confidence-boosting beautiful

Threats to teenagers’ smiles are due to a true confluence of factors. As more commitments and responsibilities compete for their time, formerly good hygiene may go by the wayside. Plus, the team at Orion Dental Specialties in Cypress, Texas, understands the unique risk factors and differences in decay and damage manifestation among older pediatric patients compared to younger children. For instance, decay may arise more insidiously. Teens are more likely to experience cavities between the teeth (or interproximal decay). Such decay can go ignored and undetected. By the time these patients visit Drs. Farnam and Melanie Farzam, the damage may be considerable. Extensive, time-consuming, and costly restorative treatment may be the only way to preserve the teeth if they can be “saved” at all. 

Maintaining consistent, proactive care at every life stage

The above example can be avoided by continuing those healthy habits and routines established early in life. Or, if your child has always struggled to maintain good hygiene and care, there is no time like the present to affirm a commitment to a healthy combination of home and professional care.

Now, researchers have found that teens may brush their teeth reasonably well. However, it is their flossing behaviors that are lacking. It is essential to floss at least once every day. It is estimated that around one-third of each tooth’s surface is missed when pediatric and adult patients alike fail to floss between the teeth. Generally, a lack of flossing leads to cavities at the contact points between the backmost teeth – the molars and premolars. Without proper diagnostics (such as the x-rays available at our office), these cavities will continue to be missed and go untreated. Eventually, this situation leads to extensive damage and the need for aggressive restorative care – even tooth loss followed by restoration with bridges or implants.

Drs. Farnam have invested in state-of-the-art technologies to detect even “hidden” or early-stage decay and other problems proactively before they cause tremendous damage. These x-rays will be ordered at regular intervals or on an as-needed basis during the six-month dental check-ups.

Fueling confident smiles with tailored recommendations

At Orion Dental Specialties, cosmetic and professional preventative dentistry services also play a starring role in our approaches to care. We appreciate how much of a confidence boost and source of pride that radiant, stain-free teeth and related professional whitening can have on teens’ smiles. Of course, a healthy and vibrant smile looks good on everyone but can be particularly powerful as teens gain confidence and assert their own style and self-image.

As an example of other proactive approaches to stay ahead of teens’ oral health challenges, student-athletes may benefit from customized sports mouthguards. These oral devices have been shown to reduce the risk of injuries to the teeth and supportive tissues and structures. Our professional guards fit well and are made from high-performance materials. Drs Farnam will also regularly check the condition of these devices and any restorations, such as fillings, during your teen’s check-up.

Call our office in Cypress, TX, at (832) 906-8313 to schedule an appointment and get your teen back on the right track to a confident, healthy smile that they will carry well into adulthood.