Protecting sparkling smiles and supporting overall health with multi-faceted preventive care

At Orion Dental Specialties, preventive care is the “star” of the show! Led by Drs. Melanie and Farnam Farzam, our team in Cypress, Texas, generally prioritizes services and approaches designed to keep the teeth and supportive structures healthy. By maintaining oral health, we avoid potentially painful and traumatic injuries, as well as the more costly, invasive, and time-consuming treatments necessary to resolve such damage. 

No patient relationship would be complete without the all-important 6-month check-up. During these regular appointments, our dentists conduct comprehensive exams and order X-rays as needed. They may also recommend professional preventative services, such as dental sealants and topical fluoride therapy. Screenings are furthermore conducted to pinpoint pre-cancers and early-stage oral tumors. Routine check-ups are also accompanied by professional cleanings. Our hygienists use special tools and their unique skills to remove what can’t be removed with standard toothbrushes, such as stubborn plaque build-up (tartar). 

These visits are also great opportunities for us to advise on the following:

  • Tooth-friendly nutrition – The Journal of Periodontology reports that certain foods promote healthy teeth and gums. Foods rich in Omega-3, calcium, and Vitamin D are also linked to a lower incidence of periodontal disease and less severe types of gum disease. Many types of food are excellent sources of these beneficial nutrients, and no supplements are necessarily required. Walnuts, soybeans, chia seeds, yogurt, dark leafy greens like spinach and kale, cheese, cereal, egg yolks, and mushrooms also happen to be the same foods that lower cholesterol, support heart health, and boost immunity.
  • Stomping out bad habits – Notably, we can all appreciate that smoking isn’t good for us. It’s a leading cause of respiratory failure and cardiovascular disease. It’s also a significant risk factor for gum disease that can lead to tooth loss. Researchers have found that the use of tobacco can also interfere with periodontal disease treatment. Smoking impairs your body’s natural defenses and ability to fight off infections, including those affecting your gums. It also weakens your body’s capacity to heal following surgery or procedures to restore gum health. 
  • Managing “co-morbidities” – We stay on top of changes to your overall health as well as oral health. Your mouth does not exist on an island. It is connected to and can be influenced by (as well as influence) other bodily systems and organs. As an example, diabetic patients need to keep their existing oral disease and blood sugar levels in check. The development of gum disease is associated with poor diabetes control. And, if you don’t keep your blood glucose within a healthy range, you’re more likely to have periodontal disease and develop a more severe form of the disease. So, good diabetic control is not only great for your eyes and heart health, but it also works wonders on your gums!
  • Good brushing and flossing techniques—There is an “art” to properly brushing and flossing your teeth and cleaning other areas of your mouth. It is not sufficient to consistently clean; you must also be thorough in removing bacteria, plaque, and other “nasties.” We can demonstrate good cleaning techniques, make recommendations specific to your needs, and effectively address your unique challenges or obstacles to good oral hygiene. 

Start a healthy habit or get back on the right track by scheduling your check-up! Call (832) 906-8313 to reach the Cypress, TX team of Orion Dental Specialties today.