Why does our approach to “total family care” start young, even before the first tooth?

At Orion Dental Specialties, we care for the total needs of the families that we serve in Cypress, Tomball, Katy, the Woodlands, and greater Houston, Texas as a strong unit. Ideally, we accommodate many family members’ visits at the same time for utmost convenience. Additionally, we partner closely with pediatric patients’ parents and caregivers. We ensure they are empowered with trusted information to support their children’s dental health and care as their mouths (and motor skills) develop. 

Our dentists, Drs Melanie and Farnam Farzam, have a combined expertise of nearly 40 years. A commitment to continual learning and investments in advanced technologies and techniques has distinguished their careers. As your child grows, they continue to benefit from our vast capabilities. Rarely do we refer our patients to specialists; it’s unnecessary because everything you need is right here with the team you already know and trust!

Supporting the best start

Drs Farzam generally abides by American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines:

  • The first dental visit should occur as soon as you notice a tooth peeking through or by no later than your baby’s first birthday.

The lower front teeth are typically the first to appear. These central incisors may be noticeable at around the 6-month mark. In the following two to six months, the upper front teeth come in; after that, four teeth typically “erupt” every six months. So, by birthday No. 2 or No. 3, all of these primary or “baby” teeth should be seen. 

You may notice extra gaps between the teeth as children’s facial and jaw bones develop. This process provides sufficient room for the permanent or secondary teeth to grow. Baby teeth may not “stick around,” but they do serve vital roles. So, it is essential for us to examine them routinely, and to equip you with guidance on how to care for these teeth and the gums that protect them.  

Notably, baby teeth function to:

  • Provide structural support 
  • Promote a pleasing appearance and profile
  • Encourage proper placement of the permanent teeth 
  • Prevent the need for orthodontic and other restorative treatments later in childhood
  • Encourage early, normal function; for instance, clear speech, efficient chewing, and healthy digestion

As more teeth come in, we can also discuss preventative services. These services can be integrated easily and affordably into the regular, 6-month dental “check-up.” They include fluoride supplements to maintain the strength of the natural “armor” that protects the teeth: the enamel. 

Dental sealants may also be applied to the molars and premolars located at the back corners of the mouth. These are generally the first permanent teeth to emerge. They typically erupt starting at around the age of six. Nine out of ten cavities form in these back teeth, due not only to their back-most locations but also due to their grooved surfaces. Food particles tend to get stuck in their pits and fissures. The application of a protective covering or sealant “seals out” the bad stuff. Your child’s teeth remain cavity-free! 

As children transition into their teens, we will also monitor the third molars (“wisdom teeth”). These teeth are the last to develop and can be problematic because there is often not enough space for them to break through the gums fully. By avoiding potential problems, we help prevent the pain and other complications associated with wisdom teeth and oral conditions that are often highly preventable. 

Schedule a visit to learn more about our “total family care” approach to dentistry. Orion Dental Specialties can be reached at (832) 906-8313. Our friendly team in Cypress, TX, welcomes your call!