True and trusted total family care for grandchildren and grandparents alike

Orion Dental Specialties is thrilled to be considered your home for “total family care.” Our patients are the true stars of the show; we get to know them as friends and members of our own “dental family.” Similarly, a cornerstone of our practice in Cypress, Texas, is dental care that proactively addresses potential problems and challenges rather than reactively resolving existing damage with treatments. Regular visits or dental “check-ups” are a cornerstone of our office, led by the husband-wife dentist duo of Drs Melanie and Farnam Farzam. 

By consistently visiting us for comprehensive exams and professional dental cleanings, we become familiar with your overall health, personal likes and dislikes, goals, and other factors that shape your teeth and gums but also transcend the condition of your teeth and gums. True to our approach, we remain in front of the ever-evolving needs that often accompany aging and other life changes. We are here for you at every life stage, as evidenced by a few of our “pointers” and services below.

The youngest pediatric patients

It is generally recommended that the first dentist visit be scheduled as soon as the first tooth peeks through the gums (by no later than an infant’s first birthday. The earliest appointments are all about getting every family member comfortable with us and with the likes of cleaning techniques. Even if your baby doesn’t have any teeth, it is essential to keep the mouth clean and know how to clean the gums properly. Likewise, baby teeth are “designed” to fall out on their own. But they are no less important than secondary teeth. In fact, they support the proper development and positioning of these “permanent” teeth. With proactive visits, we may be able to help your child avoid the need for orthodontic treatments later in life (or other restorative procedures, for that matter). Like you, we will want to get your child into a healthy routine of visiting us at least twice a year for vital cleanings by our pros and to support your child’s healthy growth.


We appreciate that teens have packed schedules! So, our team works to help them stay on top of their good oral habits, no matter how busy they may get with academics, sports, and social obligations. Additionally, we appreciate that an appealing smile also plays a starring role in teenagers’ self-esteem and image. Discreet orthodontic treatment with clear aligners (Invisalign®) may be suggested to get crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth in line. 

Dr. Melanie or Dr. Farnam are equipped to customize durable and easy-to-wear sportsguards for those student-athletes among us. These oral appliances protect not only the teeth from damage caused by sports-related injuries but also make them a protective factor in minimizing the risk of concussion.

The “experienced” patient

Age accompanies potentially new obstacles to the exceptional oral health that you may have always enjoyed as a younger person. We see each visit as a potential opportunity to monitor for oral and overall risks proactively. Remember: The teeth do not exist as an island. They and their associated structures can influence and be influenced by other organs and systems. It is for this reason that it is essential to keep gum disease in check because it can present challenges to healthy blood sugar levels among diabetics. Diabetics are also at increased risk of developing advanced gum disease and other oral health problems. 

With various services to protect, beautify, restore, and otherwise sustain the smile’s health, function, and aesthetics, we are a true provider of total family care and encourage you to experience it by scheduling an appointment at Orion Dental Specialties. Call our office in Cypress, Texas, today at (832) 906-8313.