The truth about root canal treatment: A painless way to preserve teeth and avoid extractions

Root canal therapy rouses fear. But it shouldn’t be that way! When performed skillfully by Drs. Melanie and Farnam Farzam at Orion Dental Specialties in Cypress, Texas, root canal treatment is like a “deep cleaning” for the insides of a damaged tooth. Plus, this procedure may be the “last resort” option to hold on to natural teeth with deep damage to their innermost pulp structure. 

Advanced techniques and technologies support a painless and precise experience when treating badly broken, severely decayed, infected, or damaged teeth that might otherwise be extracted or removed. 

This process is also a nonsurgical alternative to endodontic treatments designed to resolve inflammation or infection in the pulp tissue at the center of each tooth. Nonsurgical alternatives are generally low-risk and associated with fewer demands for healing and recovery than their surgical counterparts. 

As with all treatments, root canal procedures start with a consultation to confirm that you are indeed a good candidate for this process. As needed, we can recommend other therapies (including alternative endodontic procedures) to encourage healing and get your healthy, beautiful smile back!

Peeling back the layers on root canal therapy

The central, soft dental pulp is made up of blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues. A maturing tooth is nourished by pulp tissue. Additionally, pulpal tissues help you sense the temperatures of food, drinks, and other outside stimuli. Think of it as one of those “building blocks” essential for developing the hard dental structure. The pulp also helps teeth by supporting sensations that are red flags for problems like cavities. 

Underneath the gums reside the roots that hold the pulp. When these tissues are damaged due to inflammation or infection, we can treat the canals that travel deep into the roots of the teeth. Treating these root canals, in turn, involves the removal of the damaged pulp. The remaining surrounding root canals are then cleaned, sterilized, and reshaped. The treatment site itself is also filled in and sealed off to help prevent re-infection and further damage. After a tooth has matured, it no longer needs the pulp for healthy development. Your tooth can still look lovely and function as intended and in a healthy manner without this tissue.

It is absolutely essential to follow any instructions provided by Dr. Melanie Farzam or Dr. Farnam Farzam for after-care. Notably, be sure to get your treated tooth restored with a dental crown promptly. Without the addition of a dental crown or “cap,” the tooth is weak and vulnerable to irreparable damage. As endodontic treatments and dental technologies and products have evolved, the entire process has never been more efficient, accurate, safe, and comfortable. To get to know a state-of-the-art yet highly personalized and service-oriented approach to care, schedule an appointment at Orion Dental Specialties today. Call our team in Cypress, TX, at (832) 906-8313.