For smiles that sparkle, trust our standard-setting approach to cosmetic dental care

Orion Dental Specialties takes great pride in highlighting each patient’s distinctive and natural beauty. Led by Drs Melanie and Farnam Farzam, our team in Cypress, Texas, strikes a balance by getting a dazzling yet natural result from every customized treatment plan that leans into our wide range of cosmetic dentistry services. We strive to craft smiles that complement each patient’s unique features within the smile and are associated with the rest of their face.

We provide numerous general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services that bring out the absolute best in your smile. So, there is sure to be an approach that works best for you and accounts for the “rest of you” (everything from your personal preferences to your budget). Now, any treatment classified as “cosmetic” and “elective” must begin with a healthy slate, which means our dentists will evaluate your mouth first to assess the condition of the teeth and surrounding gummy tissue. We must resolve active disease or other underlying conditions. Only at that point will we recommend additional options to restore or achieve your most attractive and balanced smile. 

Our precise, comfortable, and safe cosmetic dental care may be performed to eliminate or enhance the appearance of:

  • Yellow stains 
  • Stubbornly discolored teeth 
  • Chips
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Cracked teeth  
  • Teeth with odd contours 
  • Irregularly-sized teeth
  • Spacing issues, such as a gap between two teeth 
  • A “gummy” smile or otherwise imbalanced gumline

For dark stains and other types of resistant discoloration, trust the pros! We offer effective teeth whitening; when planned and managed by Dr. Melanie or Dr. Farnam, you don’t have to worry about discomfort or potential damage caused by whitening gels/ingredients. We also strive to support results that align perfectly with your desired goals and personal preferences. Patients may choose from either in-office whitening for instant results or gradual whitening applied conveniently from the comfort of home. 

If your teeth are discolored and do not respond sufficiently to our office treatments, no worries! We can disguise these and other cosmetic concerns imperfections with veneers. Typically, a stain-resistant dental ceramic-like porcelain is designed and later fixed securely to the fronts of the visible teeth. In doing so, we cover everything from stained to chipped or gapped teeth – effectively making these cosmetic imperfections disappear!

Trusted treatments for all

Orion Dental Specialties is also your answer to a tooth that may be weakened or otherwise damaged by dental decay, fractures, or trauma. Our team combines top-notch exceptional artistry with advanced rehabilitative techniques to design prosthetic teeth that are indistinguishable in form and function from the “real deal.” Cutting-edge technology and materials also support fillings, crowns, and other restorations that blend in seamlessly with the smile. Our office in Cypress, TX, may recommend modern prosthetics retained by dental implants for teeth that can’t be preserved. The sky really is the limit when it comes to options to make over your smile. To discover the transformative power of cosmetic dentistry, give us a call today at (832) 906-8313.