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Like the prominent stars that share our name, Orion Dental Specialties is a guiding light for you and your family on this lifelong journey of good oral health. Our family dental practice is led by Drs Melanie and Farnam Farzam. The talented husband-wife dentist duo has nearly 40 years of combined experience in caring for the needs of individuals and their families in Cypress, Tomball, Katy, the Woodlands, and the greater Houston, Texas area.

It’s easy to get the care that your family needs as a strong “unit.” Busy schedules and active lifestyles are accommodated by booking appointments for grandparents, parents, and children at the same time. Our built-in flexibility accommodates emergencies promptly, too. However, close partnerships with families minimize the conditions that lead to the need for urgent dental care in the first place. Our team is happy to provide a glimpse into some of the services that support oral health and overall well-being at every life stage.

Pediatric patients

We follow the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s “1, 1, 1” rule: A baby’s first visit should be scheduled once the first tooth erupts – by no later than their first birthday. The idea is to catch developmental problems before they cause damage and trauma and result in costly and extensive restorative care. These early visits are also about getting your family comfortable with us and empowering patients with credible information about caring for developing teeth. Baby teeth may be temporary, but they support healthy growth, partly by “ushering” permanent teeth into their proper positions.

Like adult patients, children must keep a healthy schedule of “check-ups” at least once every six months. Our dentists conduct a thorough examination during these visits, and our kind and skilled hygienists gently clean the teeth and gum line. Advanced diagnostics may be used to “see” and detect what can’t be visualized with the human eye alone. 

Preventive services are incorporated easily and affordably into routine check-ups. They include dental sealants to prevent decay in vulnerable back teeth and fluoride supplements to build protective enamel.


As our pediatric patients grow up, numerous social and academic obligations compete for their precious time. We stay in touch to maintain check-ups and consistent, diligent home care.

Student-athletes may also benefit from durable sports mouthguards customized to their one-of-a-kind mouths. These professional-grade oral appliances effectively prevent injuries to teeth and delicate oral tissues and may minimize concussion risk.

Adult patients

Ongoing check-ups function to monitor evolving oral health as well as systemic illnesses that influence the condition of dental and periodontal (gum) tissues. Likewise, such “comorbidities” may be influenced by dental and periodontal disease; for example, diabetics must quickly resolve active gum disease because it adversely affects blood sugar. Similarly, diabetics are at increased risk of developing potentially serious gum infections due to factors like poor wound healing.

Another threat is presented by dry mouth. Numerous diseases (and the drugs prescribed to manage them) can disrupt saliva production. As a natural cleanser, saliva protects against tooth decay and gum disease. Techniques or products may be suggested to support healthy salivary flow.

We can discuss advanced restorative treatments – like dental implant crowns, bridges, and dentures designed like natural teeth – to rebuild broken smiles. For utmost comfort, a range of relaxing sedative options are also available. 

Orion Dental Specialties is your home for total family care in Cypress, TX. To learn more about our array of preventative, general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services, call our office at (832) 906-8313.

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Dr. Melanie Farzam

I feel that it is such an honor to be involved with the dental profession and to play a part in keeping my patients healthy. I enjoy the challenge of educating and treating each patient for his or her unique concerns while also creating treatment plans that always put my patients needs first.

Dr. Farnam Farzam

I would like my patients to have the best of everything when they are under treatment. I am passionate about helping people, and I feel fortunate to be able to do that through dentistry. Along with my wife, Dr. Melanie, and the rest of our team, I hope to provide our community with excellent dentistry for many years to come.

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